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What is Countrified?

Countrified is a website that is designed to bring the lovely English countryside to people around the world. Photographs are posted throughout the week to give people a true feeling of what is happening in the ever changing and always beautiful English outdoors. This way whether you are stuck in an office, or need a quick break, the iconic English countryside is always just a click away. East Anglia is the focus for the photography blog as it is where we are based, though other areas and countries are always being explored too. 

So many people would rather be out in the great outdoors experiencing all what it has to offer. Though they spend the majority of their time trapped in a dark office, dreaming of the weekend and when they can continue exploring. Also many people who live in the hustle and bustle of the city, are hankering after lush green fields and quaint villages. Our increasing indoor life and city living is what has inspired this website as it offers the chance for everyone to have a quick break from their life and see what is going on somewhere much more peaceful and picturesque. It also may give people some inspiration for where they can visit next, when they do manage to get away. Those of you in other countries may also be interested to see what is going on in the iconic lush green landscape of England, and see the quaint thatched cottages and cobbled streets that are so well known.  

Photo newsletters are posted throughout the week and it is free to subscribe. All you need to do is enter your email address by clicking at the top of the screen. Several gorgeous photos are included in every email, as well as a short description so you can fully immerse yourself in country life for a minute or two. 

I have been exploring and enjoying the great outdoors my whole life. I guess when you live in a small village a love of the countryside just comes pretty naturally. I have vivid memories of climbing trees, going on great walks and cycle rides, and even sledging down hills on the rare occasions we had snow. It really is a beautiful place to live. The passion I have for the outdoors, and the English countryside especially, has inspired this website. I found that during the years I lived in the city I couldn't wait to be seeing open spaces and green fields again. This got me thinking that if I felt this way others must be too. So I starting brainstorming ways that everyone could escape to the countryside just for a moment or two, and combined my passion for photography with my love of the outdoors to create COUNTRIFIED. 

All the images are taken by me, and include a variety of settings and times of day. I have always loved taking pictures, ever since I was put in charge of the family holiday photos when I was growing up, and conveying lovely places and breathtaking landscapes in a snap is a real joy and motivation for me. I am continuously exploring the East Anglia area, walking and road tripping, visiting great little towns and villages. Through my artwork and email blog you can join me wherever you are. 

All of the pictures included in the blog (and many more) are available to buy and we produce artwork using a wide variety of framing and printing techniques. We are happy to send artwork all over the world and every piece of artwork is also lovingly signed by the author. 

We hope you enjoy our COUNTRIFIED snaps website and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. We are sure to get back to you. 

Have a great day!